Benny's Positions

Whether you're looking to have a good time, learn how to cook, join a great community, or gain professional experience, there's a place for you here. No experience is necessary! We’re looking for Penn students who are ready to learn how to cook and, most importantly, have a good time.


Love to or want to learn to cook? Want a job where you get to interact with customers? If so, this position is perfect for you.

Our artisans are responsible for food prep and cooking menu items. This position maintains outstanding food safety practices and delivers high-quality and efficient food service to the customers; directs customer interaction by taking orders and payment; prepares beverages and coffee items; and assists in additional customer needs. They are responsible for delivering food items and assisting other Artisans when necessary; and accepting deliveries of inventory and storing it properly in the dining facility or storage rooms.


Shift Supervisor

The Shift Supervisor Position is like the Artisan Position with more responsibility and operations involvement. 

Shift Supervisors are responsible for shift operations and assume responsibility when either a member of the Director Team or the General Manager is not present. This position is responsible for assigning roles for associates and maximizing performance and customer service on shift. Additionally, they are responsible for organizing daily food prep responsibilities and maintaining food safety compliance standards while on shift.


General Manager

Want a leadership and involved position within the food industry? Here you go.

The General Manager supports the agency by supervising the day to day operations of the restaurant, ensuring all personnel are meeting the performance standards, and being the point person for all personnel. Additionally, the General Manager assists in training and hiring operations, schedules shifts for workers, and distributes workers' tips.


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